20 years of experience in tourism

The AéroSI software is thought-out and developped by a team with over 20 years of experience in digital software design for tourism actors.
By working with various companies in aviation activities, we’ve found that there was no market solution that responds to the needs of stakeholders in aerial leisure. That was the starting point for AéroSI’s creation, an innovative piece of management and booking software, which is flexible and customizable, allowing you to centralize your activity within a single and unique tool.

Forget about paper documents and planning management nightmares! Gain in efficiency and focus on the heart of your activity thanks to the AéroSI platform!


Every aerial activity actor has their own way of function. AéroSI is a flexible solution that adapts itself to your needs and your work.


Ever since launch, AéroSI evolves daily. We have already set up over 200 evolutions thanks to your contributions.


Our team, based in Dijon (Côte d'Or, France), is reactive and remains available by mail and phone to offer advice and answer technical questions.


No hidden costs. With AéroSI, we grantee total transparency on rates and commercial conditions.

With AéroSI, gain in efficiency

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40 k+


100 k+

Evolutions thanks to you

200 +


A passionate team that is ready to listen and makes your issues it's priority

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