Easily manage your helicopter flight business

Thanks to AéroSI, the online solution for management and reservation, focus on what’s essential in your activity.

  • Do you wish to automate the management of flight plans?
  • Do you wish to optimize filling your balloons?
  • Do you wish to ease your teams’ work (pilots, partners, subcontractors) ?
  • Do you wish to simplify cancellation and refund management?
  • Do you wish to develop your online sales?
  • Do you wish to focus on your market research and communication?
  • Do you wish to improve your clients’ experience?

The AéroSI platform is the solution that makes you save time and helps you in acquiring more online reservations. Are you ready to take a leap?

AéroSI helicopter features

AéroSI is an innovative management and online reservation solution dedicated to hot air balloon flight activities.
Complete and customizable, it offers various functionnalities adapted to your occupation’s needs.

Real-time reservation planning

Ticket and order management

Integration into your e-commerce website

Supplier and marketplace connectors

Sale statistics

Flight base management

Material maintenance management

Pilot, instructor, partner and subcontractor management

Passenger management

Extranets for your passengers, pilots, partners and subcontractors

CRM and marketing email management

Email and sms notifications

Document storage

Billing and accountability management

Pilot and partner leave management

AéroSI's advantages

With AéroSI’s solution to simplify the management of your helicopter flight business, you can devote more time to your customers and offer them the best possible experience.
AéroSI is the ideal reservation management tool for big and small structures alike.

A complete, simple and evolving platform

Thanks to it's simple interface, first usage is intuitive and takes no technical knowledge. Every months, the tool is enriched with new functionnalities and evolves to take your various needs into account.

100% full web and secure solution

Available on all platforms (computer, tablet, smartphone), a mere internet connection suffices. A secure solution, we remain extremely aware of access, partitionning and saving of data.

Improving your sales

Develop sales and improve client experience thanks to the AeroSI booking channel and it's real-time planning system.
Save time daily and focus on client relations, market research and communication.

Customizable tailor-made tool

AéroSI adopts your colours. Easily integrate your every graphical model for tickets, bills, mails, ... and customize your spaces with your logo and visual identity. For content that corresponds with your image.

Dedicated spaces for your customers and partners

Simplify relations with clients and partners by offering them dedicated and customized spaces on-line: passengers, subcontractors, company commitees, tourism agencies, traveling agencies, etc.

Integrating on your website and on third-party applications

AéroSI integrates itself on your e-commerce website (WordPress, Prestashop, ...) and interconnects itself with suppliers and marketplaces.
We are officially partners with Sport Découverte.

Importing your old data

While setting up, we will handle everything, including importing all of your old data: orders, client data, ...
You won't lose your activity logs.

Dedicated assistance and hotline

While launching, you will benefit from a personnalized formation with our team. You will also benefit from a hotline and a dedicated support based in Dijon (Cote d'Or, France) to answer to your questions.

They chose AéroSI

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