AéroSI is addressed at everyone in aerial activities: Hot air balloons, Helicopters,Microlights, Paraglidingers, Hang Gliders, Parachuting, Paramotors, Gliders, Tourism planes
Whether you’re a small or a big organization, AéroSI adapts itself to your activity.

AéroSI is available from computers, smartphones nd tablets. No download required, just a navigator and internet connection.

No, the user count isn’t limited. Thanks to advanced rights management, you can give total or restrained access to some of the members of your team.

Currently, AéroSI is only visitable in french.

Yes, of course, we will handle everything including the integration of your ancient data in order to give you access to your activity logs.

AéroSI respects every security norm (SSL, …). Data is saved daily and copied into data centers localized in France to guarantee service continuity. Additionally, it meets the latest RGPD standards

Our team will respond to any questions by mail at and by phone at 09 53 01 79 70, monday to friday from 9am to 5pm in France.

Online Sales

AéroSI can connect to any existing e-commerce CMS: Prestashop, WordPress, Magento …. You can then manage any of your orders including your online sales in AéroSI.

We offer a complete package that includes subscribing to the AérooSI platform and a dedicated online sales website.

AéroSI is connected to the main marketplaces such as Sport Découverte. You may then manage all of your orders from your favourite marketplaces in AéroSI