Simplifiez-vous la vie en automatisant les réservations de vol

The booking schedule centralizes all your bookings in one place.
At a glance, view your bookings by base, day, week and month.

Reduce the time you spend on phone calls and e-mails and let your customers book online! Thanks to the 24/7 reservation schedule, customers can place themselves on sessions independently.

Customers have a choice: they can reserve their flight session at the time of ticket purchase or at a later date.

In the event of flight modification or postponement (lack of passengers, weather conditions or other reasons), customers are alerted by e-mail and can choose a new session in their dedicated space (extranet passenger).

The schedule is flexible and adaptable to your specific requirements: weekday flights, holiday flights, morning flights, afternoon flights, etc.

Confirmation automatique ou manuelle

Placement automatique des billets

Remplissage de l'appareil selon vos conditions

Votre nouveau système de réservation en ligne

Smartphone compatible, the reservation schedule can be consulted :

Comment débuter ?

Before the start of each season, create your schedule of flying sessions.
In just a few clicks, you can associate the following with your sessions: launch base, equipment, pilot, crew member, etc.

Autres fonctionnalités disponibles

Gestion des billets et des commandes

Gestion des bases d'envol